Menunjukan Betapa Berharganya Kata Kata Yang Sudah DIsebut

Menunjukan Betapa Berharganya Kata Kata Yang Sudah DIsebut - The charges against the work of today is increasing and fast-paced. Instead of seeking to work harder, because the condition of the body does not support the high workload and the work environment that is full of competition. Situations like this it can cause long term health problems among office workers.


According to research from Fellowes, nearly three-quarters of office workers suffering from the disease, as a result of continuous puisi sedih work at the front desk were inadequate. More than two-thirds of the survey respondents were forced to take medicine to address their health condition. Surprisingly.


nearly 20 percent was also forced to give up work because they could no longer bear the burden.The study also revealed that one in 10 office workers complain because of constant pain, 17 percent had pain every day, and 40 percent said their work environment caused turmoil.


health continuously.All the problems that resulted in one of five office workers can get sick for nearly three weeks in the annual kata kata sedih working time. Health problems that are often experienced include back pain, shoulder tension, problems, and even depression. Companies have to pay more.


thanpounds per year just to pay employees who are sick. The environmental impact of work on the health of office workers like this too often overlooked by companies," said general practitioners and medical broadcaste