Menyiapkan Puisi Surprise Yang Dirancang

Menyiapkan Puisi Surprise Yang Dirancang - The next is a source of vegetable protein. Long beans themselves have a protein content as much as 8.3 grams. While the protein contained in the long bean itself, including vegetable protein. With the intake of vegetable protein is what can help.


meet the needs of protein intake in the body. Helping the growth of teeth and bones The content of calcium contained in long beans that have been boiled as much as 42 mg in 100 grams of beans. While calcium itself is very important for the growth of teeth and bones to be stronger and healthier.


The formation of red blood cells Benefits Other long beans is to help the formation of red blood cells. This is because long puisi sahabat beans has 2.6 mg of iron. While the iron itself is a very important component in the formation of muscle cells in the body to red blood cells. as an antioxidant.


Long beans also contain selenium plays an important role as antioxidants and minerals needed for the synthesis of the ucapan selamat siang In addition, the antioxidants in green beans can counteract free radicals that can cause various diseases in the body. Also read the previous article about the benefits of kale.