Antisipasi Cerpen Yang Membuat Sedih

Antisipasi Cerpen Yang Membuat Sedih - This technique is done by making a short story of the things we are going to memorize. For example we will shop in the supermarket to buy rice, shampoo, milk, gum, floor cleaner, egg, soy, cheese, tomato sauce, tissues. Rather than trying to memorize it.


you better make a story for these things become Dewi Sri (the goddess of rice depicting the legend of rice) was cerpen cinta while the milk bath. Meanwhile, outside, the mBok who was chewing gum while mopping have prepared egg flavor of soy sauce sprinkled with cheese and tomato sauce soft as Kleenex.


The story is actually visualized and imagined. Develop your imagination by adding color, sound, objects and motion supporting the story. For example, imagine a shower of pink spot Dewi Sri bath milk, imagine the mBok old and wear kebaya gray mopping pages, listen to the sound of chewing.


gum in his mouth, and imagine you taste the eggs that tasted like ketchup, imagine the shape of an egg sprinkled with cheese and tomato sauce, and imagine that you can hold the egg and softness are like kleenex.


Make the shadow of the real in front of you. With the example of this story, we have trained the right brain that functions in puisi ibu creativity and imagination. Creativity is created when we make a short story and imagination played a role when we visualize the story. -